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The Hurricane Blue Motorbike Kevlar Jeans


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OGGIE76 UK Jeans are lined with genuine Kevlar weave and covers all high impact areas. Weave also has elastic properties for extra comfort.
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These are some of Kevlar's properties: • It's strong but relatively light. The specific tensile strength (stretching or pulling strength) of both Kevlar 29 and Kevlar 49 is over eight times greater than that of steel wire. • Unlike most plastics it does not melt: it's reasonably good at withstanding temperatures and decomposes only at about 450°C (850°F). • Unlike its sister material, Nomex, Kevlar can be ignited but burning usually stops when the heat source is removed. • Very low temperatures have no effect on Kevlar: DuPont found "no embrittlement or degradation" down to −196°C (−320°F). • Like other plastics, long exposure to ultraviolet light (in sunlight, for example) causes discoloration and some degradation of the fibers in Kevlar. • Kevlar can resist attacks from many different chemicals, though long exposure to strong acids or bases will degrade it over time. • In DuPont's tests, Kevlar remained "virtually unchanged" after exposure to hot water for more than 200 days and its super-strong properties are "virtually unaffected" by moisture.

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Color Deep Dark Blue
Price £49.99

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