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About Us

As the 21st century is started with the new dynamic paradigm in the field of Leather & Textile Motorbike Garments, Denim Clothing Fashion Wear, where the OGGIE76 UK LTD is one of the most successful and emerging company which is rapidly knowing all over the globe by its quality products, validity, reliability, and price efficiency.
Our Company is established by a competent entrepreneurs who fascinated for exploring their innovative ideas in the real and practical form by integrating the modern technology with the new ideas and participation of diverse expertise thus surprising and pleasing the customers by successfully exceeding the needs and wants of the customers.

Our Vision

The aim of the Company is to produce total quality products in accordance to the customers’ expectations whilst practicing on the philosophies Voice of the Customers and Think and act with Customers in mind.
Having vision for crafting the world market, anticipating futuristic demand and need of the new generation company is desperately focusing on new technologies, concepts, diverse expertise and lean processes and procedures.

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